Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm one in 16,000

I've long complained about my name being erroneously mis-matched to a possible terrorist on TSA's watch list. While I've never been denied boarding, I'm often not allowed to print my boarding pass at home, and I have to wait in the line at the airport in order to get it. When this happens, I usually have to add an extra hour to my travel time. Looks like the TSA is finally taking steps to prevent this from happening: Government to Take Over Airline Passenger Vetting. Sucks for privacy advocates: yay for me!

Again--not a terrorist.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Smug Prius Owner

So its been a few months now since we bought our Prius, and what has been the most enjoyable--well, besides getting 50 miles to the gallon--is watching people freak out when the car starts moving. Why do people freak out? Because the car makes no noise when its running on electric. Twice now, both at grocery stores, as I've been pulling out of a parking space, the person in the car next to me has gaped as the car started moving, seemingly on its own. I watch them stare at the car, and I can see them wondering if the car has started moving on its own, and if they are going to witness a terrible collision as my out-of-control car careens into another vehicle. Very slowly, comprehension begins to dawn on their face. Today, a young guy stared at the car for a while, and I watched a goofy smile spread on his face as he realized that the future is here! The future is now! Behold, the hybrid vehicle.