Monday, October 16, 2006

Am I a bad omen?

Today I realized that 3 of my favorite vacation spots had some terrible thing happen to them in last year or so.

New Orleans, which I visited in December 2001, had Hurricane Katrina.

Hawaii, which I visited in June 2003, had the earthquake yesterday.

London, which I visited in May 2005, had the subway attacks in July 2005.

Probably just a consequence of being well-traveled, yes? Still, it makes me sad that some of those places that existed once will now only leave on in memories.


emma said...

Well, those are all popular vacation spots and attractions. It may be life imitating art... You know how the UFOs in the movies always go straight for the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building?

Jamie said...

It was nice meeting you too. I'll be sure to review Dino's soon. I think I'm a bad omen too. 9/11 happened a week before I left for London, and 7/7 a week before I went back to London for another visit.