Friday, January 05, 2007

I want to quit the gym!

Remember that Friends episode where Chandler wants to quit the gym but they keep trying to stop him, and he and Ross end up getting a joint bank account? I kind of felt that way today when I told Curves that I need to cancel my membership, except since its a women's only gym, there was no hot guy to try to convince me otherwise, so it was a lot easier.

I decided to quit Curves because my work gives me a huge discount to become a member of the Washington Sports Clubs, and I can use any of their facilities in DC, Philly, NY or Boston. With the discount, its even cheaper than Curves, and of course the hours are better and they offer classes and a personal trainer. It was a hard decision for me, mostly because I try to be non-confrontational, and also because Curves gave me a lot a support through my initial weight loss. Of course, they wanted to know why I was leaving, and I told them that I got a good deal through work.

Anyway, let's see how I do.

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emma said...

I love that episode! When I worked in San Francisco one summer, I joined a gym that made me get a note from the firm's managing partner that that I was leaving my job and, therefore, had to quit the gym.

Washington Sports Club sounds cool, especially if you can get it at a discount! I've been thinking about doing some sessions with a personal trainer, but, since I can't really afford it, I'll probably just do one free try-it-to-see-if-you-like-it session, which they offer at the beginning of each semester. Does WSC offer personal training for free? I hear that some clubs do that, but I'm sure it means insanely high monthly rates. It's going to suck next year when I actually have to pay for a gym membership.