Monday, March 05, 2007

barbecue in DC

After my visit to the gym this morning, I was really hungry. I mean, really hungry. The kind of hungry you get after working out for an hour and half. There's this barbecue place across the street from my gym that's pretty good, and the owner is from Texas, so it has the right intentions (but alas, its not quite the same, mostly because while the owner is from Texas, the cooks aren't). I went in fully intending to get a sausage sandwich, since I do love sausage, but instead ended up with a pulled chicken sandwich, since I was feeling guilty.

I didn't really like the bread, so I focused mostly on the meat. Like I said, pretty good, just not excellent. But here's the weird thing: the entire time I was in there (about 30 minutes), I was the only female there. Then I realized that most of the times I've been in there, I've been one of the only women there too. Very strange.

Most of my female friends (I refuse to use the term "girlfriends") tend to like meat, and food in general. I wonder if we are just DC anomolies?


emma said...

Right on, girlfriend!

Markus said...

Women have gotten too cute to eat. Contrary to popular belief, skinny is not hot. Black men want women with some meat on their bones. Girl eat that sausage sandwich, we still love ya. ;)

Laura said...

Actually, I'm glad I didn't get the sausage sandwich. Because then I had room for the giant steak I had for dinner!

Markus said...

Now that's Sexy ;)

Tawni said...

I once read that it's best to eat protein after working out (when you're really really staving), so it's natural to want sausage.

An hour and a half?! How often to you do that?