Sunday, July 29, 2007

Southwest airlines boarding passes

I learned something this week about printing a boarding pass on Southwest airlines. If you have access to a computer but not a printer, you can reprint your boarding pass at the airport (either at the kiosk or with an agent). You don't lose your boarding group assignment or anything. The boarding agent says that when she has to fly but isn't near a computer, she calls a friend to check her in and she picks up her boarding pass at the airport. Just something to know.


emma said...

I love that feature! I just wish that when you are checking in online, it would give you the option of checking in without printing a boarding pass. Since I usually check luggage, arriving at the airport with a boarding pass in hand wouldn't save me any time and it's just one more item on the "remember to bring" list.

Laura said...

You don't necessarily have to print your boarding pass at all. I think from now on if I'm checking baggage, I'm not even going to print my boarding pass at home, just check in online.