Sunday, November 23, 2008

Google Maps

So usually when I'm looking for directions, I visit three websites: Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps, and Mapquest. I visit three different websites because I've found that each site will get different websites to get from Point A to Point B, and often the time estimates will be different. Lately, I've noticed a little camera icon on Google Maps. When you click on the icon, you get a street-level picture as if you were actually driving down the road. But what is actually very strange is if you type in an exact address for a house, you can actually see that house. It was kind of disconnecting to see my parents' vehicles parked outside of their house, and to see pictures of their neighbors getting into their car.

So check it out and be freaked out on your own.

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lauren said...

Your post reminded me of a NY Times article I read a year or so ago. A woman in CA used the Google Street View to look up her apartment and saw her cat sitting in the window. Pretty freaky... link: