Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Things for the house

So, we've been taking these last several weekends pretty easy, not doing too much around the house. We hosted our first party on Saturday, and were happy with the way the fajitas came out on the new grill (the chicken...well, let's just say it needed just a tad more time). But I'm off my entertaining game a bit. We couldn't find the Off and the mosquitoes were definitely out that day. Also, I had to go to the Dollar Store in the middle of the party because we didn't have any napkins (actually, neither did they, and I ended up handing out paper towels, which is just a tad embarrassing). But having a party really highlighted that we need to back into "home improvement" mode, which means switching back to "spending money on the house" mode. We need to fix the downstairs sink. Buy an oven (actually, I really wish we could get the whole kitchen remodeled, but that's going to have to wait). Also, what is going on with my can opener? Can a manual can opener just basically stop working? The colander broke last week. We need area rugs, and some new paint in the living room and bedrooms.

So lot's of stuff. Not sure when its all going to get done. Maybe in 5 weeks. Maybe in 5 years.

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