Sunday, September 10, 2006

last of the summer whine

Today is the last day that our pool is open. Even though it was barely 80 degrees today, we went for about an hour and a half, and yes, the water was pretty cold. The sun is out, so I got my brown on (but not Matt, he got his heavy duty sunscreen on). We watched all the kids that have spent their summer in the pool say goodbye to the lifeguard, Paul, and we also watched Paul do some backflips off the lifeguard stand. When I asked Matt if he was ready to leave, he sighed and said, "I always knew summer had to come to an end. I never thought you would be the one to end it."

Even though I've lived in DC for a while, I still feel like every year I'm being robbed of summer. Its only early September! Lately, I've watched the sun set earlier and earlier with a sense of dread. I also feel that we'll be paying for that mild winter we had last year (only one major snow storm), and have a really rough time of it this year. I keep hoping that this will be last winter in DC, but Matt keeps telling me, "No."

So, this is the last of my summer whining. From now on, you'll be getting autumn whining.

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Emma said...

Is it just me or is it getting cooler earlier this year than it did last year? I remember it was warm for a while after I moved here last August. Though, I guess it's possible that every was in slow motion back then, I remember summer lasting longer than it actually did.