Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm a freak of nature

Yesterday's visit to the allergist was quite productive. Apparently, I'm a total freak of nature, because I need 2 different nasal sprays, one for each nostril. God, what's wrong with me? On the plus side, I felt better today than I have in several days. Hooray for doctors who actually LISTEN and want to help their patients!

I can't wait for Christmas! Although it did freak me out today when I heard someone say there are only 11 days left before Christmas. I mean, where did the year go? And, Matt's 30th birthday is in exactly one month. I think he's mostly excited about it. We're thinking about doing some upscale bowling. And before you chide me for the upscale part, let me tell you--this is the only bowling that's available in the District. No voting rights in Congress and no moderately priced bowling? Yes, living in DC is every bit is disenfranchised as you think. Write your Congressperson (not about the bowling, but about the voting rights...give DC a voice, dammit)!

Okay, I'm rambling, y'all. Hey, I don't strive for good writing here, I just want you to like me.


emma said...

In yoga this morning, we did this thing where we had to breathe in and out through one nostril at a time. I thought of you, FREAK!

Jamie said...

Well Strike Bethesda is in MD, but it might be closer than Lucky Strike.

Laura said...

Stike Bethesda doesn't take traditional lane reservations, and its crazy expensive to book a party there. Plus, there aren't any good food and drink options within walking distance. :)