Thursday, May 31, 2007

Under the boardwalk

At the beginning of the month, I thought to myself that I should try to blog more often. Well, I didn't. Lately it seems like my life is all about work (or working out), and when I get home, I'm re-reading Harry Potter. Lots of excuses, right?

This past weekend, Memorial Day weekend, we kicked off the beginning of the summer with a trip to the Jersey shore. We camped in Cape May with some friends, and were pleasantly surprised by the beauty that is south Jersey. The weather was great for most of the weekend, except for Sunday night when it rained pretty hard. I didn't feel like there were a whole lot of people on the beach, and when we visited the boardwalk amusement park in Wildwood, we didn't have to wait in line much. Actually, apparently they were anticipating a small ground on Memorial Day, because the entrance fee was discounted pretty heavily. Plus we got to eat carnival foods, like ice cream, fried Oreos, and funnel cake. Thankfully we did our eating after the roller coasters.

It was cool to see a real, live boardwalk, with rides and skeeball, like you do in the movies. I guess the real downside about the beach was that the water was freezing cold, although there were a few warm currents coming in (it felt like someone had peed). But otherwise it was a great weekend. Jersey...its not just for mobsters.


Tawni said...

Hey, I heard from Emma that the trip was a lot of fun and that you stopped in Atlantic City. I'm starting to think that Matt can't camp unless there's nearby gambling. Good thing he's a master of the casino to campground look.

Fried oreos? How does that work?

lauren said...

sounds like a great trip!

how were the fried oreos???

emma said...

I was disappointed in the Fried Oreos in that the fried-ness deprived the oreos of their quintessential oreo-ness.

Laura said...

Since I don't like Oreos, I did not partake of the fried. And before you ask if its the creamy center I don't like, no, its the chocolate cookie. Since the frying process melted the creamy center, I wasn't about to eat just a fried cookie.