Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wiiiii! part deux

So remember back in December when I wrote about Matt really wanted a Wii? Well, let's revisit that subject.
For the last six months the D.C. area has been a Wii wasteland. We would go around to various electronic and game shops and interrogate teenage store clerks: Do you have any Wiis? When do you expect to get Wiis in again? How many Wiis do you usually get? How fast do you sell out? Lately we felt like we were this close to finding one: Well, we got some in two days ago, but they sold out pretty quickly. Matt was finally coming to the conclusion that the Wii in fact does not exist, and its a vast conspiracy by Nintendo to get people talking about a product that they might introduce in the future.

Yesterday, we left Best Buy, dejected by missing a Wii shipment (and subsequent sell-out) by a day. We decided it was time to move on with our lives, so we went shopping at a mall in Virginia. Coincidently, there is a game store in that mall, on the lower level. We peered over the railing as we walked by, and on the door they had posted a sign that said "Wiis now in stock." We raced down the escalator, startling some senior citizens out on their afternoon constitutional, and into the store. "Do you have any Wiis?" I asked tentatively. "Oh, yeah," said the store clerk. We held our breath as he went into the back, and when he came out with a Wii box, we high-fived and hugged. Our search was over. This Wii was coming home.

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lauren said...

so...after the long wait...what do you guys think of the wii??