Saturday, August 30, 2008

Time for another new horizon

I thought that I would be gone by now. Its been almost 5 years that I've been at my organization, and there has been a lot of stress, and a lot of frustration. Its hard being a worker bee in a hive where you never see the queen. So why did I accept a promotion? Well, its really more than about the money.

After two years in my current department, I felt that it was time for a change. There were a whole bunch of middle management positions opening up after a round of retirements (some forced), and a few straight-up firings. I was unhappy with the way things were being changed without my or my colleagues opinions. So, of course, I started looking elsewhere. But guess what? The economy kinda sucks right now.

And it took forever for this promotion to happen--almost three months. But it finally did, and yesterday was my last day in my current position as a regular librarian. It was sad to leave my colleagues, as I had never felt such a strong sense of camraderie as I did there. I'm moving on to a position where I'm the boss, and as such, probably won't have as many opportunities to bond with my immediate co-workers (who wants to hang out with the boss?). And the commute is going to be tough--cross-town, ten miles each way in DC traffic. And did I mention its in the 'hood?

I can't say that this location was even on my list of places I wanted to go. But I really hope to be an agent of change. This is a community that needs a library. Not just a place to find books to read, but a safe place for kids, a place for adults to learn how to type up their resumes.

So we'll see how it goes. Wish me luck.

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Elissa said...

Hope it's going well there for you, Laura!