Sunday, August 17, 2008

Civic duty

Well, Honda Civic, we had some good times. You were such a good little car, despite the fact that the brakes were a little warped so you shimmied when we were trying to brake on the highway. Those road trips were great...remember when the wild mule in South Dakota slobbered all over the driver's side window? Your highway mpg are still awesome.

But let's face it, you were getting a little expensive. Remember 3 weeks ago, when the muffler fell off and we had to wait an hour and half for a tow truck? And then the repair ended up costing $400? Yeah.

I can't help thinking of you now, sitting on that car lot, as we drove away in our new-to-us Toyota Prius. Are you thinking that we're going to come back? I'm sorry. I hope your new owners take better care of you then we did, and you get those rust spots taken care of, and maybe someone will be willing to pay to see if they can fix those brakes, and get that timing belt replaced. I'll think of you every time we see another green Civic.
Matt and his Civic

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