Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Shakira! Shakira!

Just came back from the Shakira concert here in D.C.! It was really fun, and like Elisa's concert in Chicago, she played a good mix of old and new stuff (same set list, actually). There weren't too many skanky hos there, although there were a lot of older folks there. The couple next to me brought their 1 year old daughter, who was actually very well behaved, but I felt sorry for her because her ears must have been ringing!

It's really interesting to see Shakira's "evolution" from songstress to pop princess. Her new stuff isn't as heart-felt as her Spanish songs, but maybe that's because it isn't her true language. It would be nice to hear some of the same raw emotion from her Spanish songs show up in her English stuff, but maybe she's not quite there yet. Or perhaps she's too busy becoming an international pop tart. I mean, using the microphone stand like a stripper pole? Please, show some respect for your audience.

But anyway, fun concert. I danced a lot, and I'm glad I had some extra deodorant. The audience was a good mix of old-school fans, and tweens with their moms. Shakira came out into the audience, and wore the cowboy hat of some guy in our immediate section, but she stopped a few feet short of us. The tickets were great and well worth the price. We could always see the stage, and I never once had to strain my neck.

One thing that's always weird at a concert, especially like at a Shakira concert, is when somebody behind you asks you sit down. I mean, what the hell? Its a concert, people!

Its funny how different this concert was since the last concert I went to: Jason Mraz at the 9:30 Club, a small, general admission venue (that was when Jason threw a guitar pick out into the audience and it fell down my shirt). I don't have any souvenirs from this concert, but it was just as fun.

ETA: I still maintain that Shakira really can't dance.

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