Monday, July 28, 2008

Map Schmap

A few months ago, I got an email from a company called Schmapthat said that they liked one of my pictures from my trip to Philadelphia last year, and they wanted to include it in their online guide. Today I got confirmation that they are including one of my photos in their Betsy Ross House informaiton. Check it out: Betsy Ross House

I had never heard of Schmap before this, but it seems like a fun trip planning website. They are also considering another one of my photos from St. Louis (now that's an old picture, from 2002). They got my photos from my Flickr page, which I don't put too much personal stuff on. Actually, if you think about, its a really cheap way for Schmap to get free web traffic. They contact me about my photo, and I pass the information on to you. Ingenious, really.

If you'd like to walk down memory lane, you can read about our visit to Philadelphia on my Yahoo! Trip Planner and click on A Visit with King Tut. If you're not one of the 79 people that have given me a thumbs up, then why not?

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